[CP2K-user] [CP2K:11758] CP2K+OMEN

Tiziano Müller tiziano... at chem.uzh.ch
Mon May 20 07:21:53 UTC 2019

Hi Luca,

the dft-transport code seems to be assuming the old CP2K directory 
layout from when we were still using Subversion.

It might be enough to correct line 111 in the installer.sh to


... and in lines 121, 130, 403 remove the `cp2k/` as well.

Best regards,

On 19.05.19 21:57, Luca wrote:
> Dear developers
> I am trying to install CP2K+OMEN by using the installer.sh script 
> provided with the dft-transport sources.
> Unfortunately, the installer does not finish his work since it crashes 
> with the error:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>   build CP2K you should change directory:
>    cd cp2k/makefiles/
>    make -j 16 ARCH=local VERSION="sopt sdbg ssmp popt pdbg psmp"
> arch files for GPU enabled CUDA versions are named "local_cuda.*"
> arch files for valgrind versions are named "local_valgrind.*"
> arch files for coverage versions are named "local_coverage.*"
> ./installer.sh: line 141: 
> .../CP2K-OMEN/cp2k/cp2k/tools/toolchain/scripts/package_versions.sh: No 
> such file or directory
> --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Could you please help me to overcome this issue?
> Best Regards.
> Luca
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