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Modern Quantum Chemistry: Introduction to Advanced Electronic Structure Theory
Attila Bangha Szabo, Neil S. Ostlund

See equations (2.271) and (2.272)

estimated S^2 expectation values for single determinant wavefunctions.


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Dear all,

    I have done geometry optimization using cp2k, I started by low spin configuration for Co(2+). According to below, my DFT section includes:
and I have just defined BS section for Co atom as below:

          NEL +4 -2
          L 2 0
          N 3 4
        &END ALPHA
          NEL +1 -2
          L 2 0
          N 3 4
        &END BETA 
      &END BS

 I noticed these values in the output:

Integrated absolute spin density  :                               2.7865063578
Ideal and single determinant S**2 :                    0.750000       1.647620

Can I have some explanation regarding "Ideal and single determinant S**2" values?

Best regards,

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