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Tue Mar 29 13:50:35 UTC 2016

Dear Drahomir,

the source code depends on the flag -D__LIBINT, not -D__LIBINT2. All 
unknown macro definitions are silently ignored, that is why your version of 
cp2k has been compiled without libint support.

The error message you mentioned probably reads: "This version of CP2K ONLY 
works with libxc versions 2.2.2 and above" and is related to a different 
library (libxc, not libint). If you use the flag -D__LIBXC2 in your arch 
file please ensure that you provided correct path to the libxc headers as 
well. By the way, you can simply omit this flag if you do not plan to use 
the &LIBXC subsection of the section &XC_FUNCTIONAL.

Best wishes,

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016 at 12:41:13 PM UTC+1, drahomirko wrote:
> Thank you for reply Sergey,
> I used D__LIBINT2 flag and paths to headers and static libs. I also tried 
> D_LIBINT and libint version 1 but the compilation was aborted with 
> something like: "this version only supports libint2" and D__LIBINT2 with 
> libint v1 gave me wrapper error. As I mentioned in earlier post, there has 
> been no error message during compilation with libint2.  I saw the posts 
> here regarding wrapper problem, but didn't think it was my case since 
> compilation was OK.
> any hints?
> Drahomir
> On Tuesday, 29 March 2016 09:40:12 UTC+1, drahomirko wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I compiled cp2k-3.0 no problem at all. calcs are running fine, all good. 
>> the problem occurs when I try to run HF calcs - segfault. when I ran test, 
>> all except HF passed. the error message reads that libint not found. before 
>> anyone asks, all flags and paths were set correctly. 
>> I'd appreciate if someone can help me out with this coz after a week 
>> trying to have it working I am scratching walls now.
>> Thanx a mil.
>> Drahomir
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