[CP2K:2073] Re: BerliOS bug tracker

Ondrej Marsalek ondrej.... at gmail.com
Tue May 12 20:40:28 UTC 2009

Oh, great, now my sarcasm-meter is broken.

Apparently, this is a misunderstanding again. Notice how this thread got
started: I wanted to know "...if there is any point in using the bug
tracker at BerliOS [1] that is linked to from the CP2K homepage." The
reason was that I found the bug report by Joost, saying that the tracker
should be used, which was in contrast with what I have seen so far - bug
being reported and resolved in the mailing list. That is it.

I would have taken a simple "No, we do not do that." as an answer. I
added my opinion (clearly marked as such), on a very general level,
which was not meant to suggest any changes in the CP2K project or
the practices of its developers. Clearly, it was a mistake on my part
continue the thread from this point on, for which I apologize.

Let me now react to the constructive part of your offer, skipping the
sarcastic remarks.

On Tue, May 12, 2009 at 21:23, Teodoro Laino <teodor... at gmail.com> wrote:
> Ondrej,
> Thanks for offering your time! You can't imagine how we do appreciate that!
> I really cannot  find any  argument to answer your statements. I share
> all of your points, and it's quite incredible that we were able to
> arrive so far without a working bug tracker.

I hope I did not say that not using a tracker is impossible. I only said
that other projects seem to find them useful. I hope anyone still
reading can see the difference.

> Therefore, since you offered your time and help, you're promoted to be
> administrator of the bug tracker on berliOS.
> You can start right now:
> Please subscribe to berliOS and join the CP2K project. You can take care
> of the bug issues

Just to make sure that we are reading the same text, let me quote from
my original message:

>> I'd certainly be willing to help set up a system and appropriate
>> rules or procedures. I'd certainly try hard to use such a system
>> properly and make sure that whatever I get involved in is handled
>> appropriately. Cleaning up mess that other people leave around? Not
>> so much, but this is given by my degree of involvement in the
>> project. It would be different for a project where I contribute code,
>> for example.

"Help set up" refers to other people finding this useful. This is
apparently not the case, so it has no point anyway. If this ever
changes, I'd be glad to use the tracker, in the way described. This is
related to your next point...

> and dispatch them
> appropriately. There's already one on the list which is waiting since
> quite some time.
> I'm not sure that, that bug is still a bug but you'd better check and in
> case assign it to the right person.

This is exactly the thing that I can't do, as you must be well aware. I
have not written any part of the code. I have met exactly one developer
in person and a few here at the mailing list. I have no idea about
people-code relations beyond what is recorded in the code repository. I
have no idea about who is actually still an active developer. I could
assign the bugs at random and I am sure everyone would find it

Again, to make this explicitly clear - I do not say that someone other
than me does have that kind of knowledge. Maybe there is no such person,
I have no idea. However, that does not matter, as I have never suggested
that such a "function" should be established.

I now consider my original question "Is there any point in using the bug
tracker at BerliOS?" answered, although indirectly. I will submit any
bug reports that I may have in the future to this mailing list, and will
try hard to go by the rules explained by Teo. This was the only thing I
wanted to achieve.

I will not post in this thread any further, please write to me directly,
anyone who wants to comment or reply. I apologize to those not involved
who read the whole thing.

Kind regards,

> Welcome in the CP2K community!
> It's with people like you that CP2K can go on..
> Thanks again being so responsive to the Axel's help request!
> Teo
> p.s.: if you have any problem or question, please, feel free to write
> directly to me.
> >

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