[CP2K:2074] Re: BerliOS bug tracker

Teodoro Laino teodor... at gmail.com
Tue May 12 21:10:04 UTC 2009

Sure we were reading the same text!
you didn't quote an additional paragraph of your previous e-mail:

    Even if I was willing to donate a lot of time, though, would it matter?
    It seems from the above that you do not find and issue tracker useful in
    general, which makes such a question of no practical consequence.

So.. I'm reading your sentence in this way: "I'm willing to donate time 
if this is of any interest".
Maybe instead of answering yourself to your questions it would have been 
extremely appreciated a sentence like:
"I can offer part of my time for keeping the tracker going on and in 
order. Maybe with some help from some developer..
Would this be an option?"

Am I wrong? I don't think so.. 

Part of my message was sarcastic (maybe the first two lines) but the 
rest was serious. I really believed that you wanted
to contribute to the CP2K project with some human time. And taking care 
of the bug tracker on BerliOs would have been definitely an help!

I understand that you may not associate bugs to people.. but as you said 
you don't have necessarily enforce this feature! (quoting your text!)

It would be enough for you to check messages.. check if they are serious 
bugs.. reproduce them.. keep the tracker clean and in order.. provide a 
pre-digested information to developers.. This would be already extremely 
helpful and I don't think that you need more than a user competency for 
doing this.
Does this fit with your time offer? I think so..

> I now consider my original question "Is there any point in using the bug
> tracker at BerliOS?" answered, although indirectly. I will submit any
> bug reports that I may have in the future to this mailing list, and will
> try hard to go by the rules explained by Teo. This was the only thing I
> wanted to achieve.
> I will not post in this thread any further, please write to me directly,
> anyone who wants to comment or reply. I apologize to those not involved
> who read the whole thing.
> Kind regards,
> Ondrej
>> Welcome in the CP2K community!
>> It's with people like you that CP2K can go on..
>> Thanks again being so responsive to the Axel's help request!
>> Teo
>> p.s.: if you have any problem or question, please, feel free to write
>> directly to me.
> >

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