[CP2K-user] [CP2K:18330] Is NPT_I possible with DFTB

Dobromir A Kalchevski dobromirak at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 23:51:55 UTC 2023


I successfully run NPT_I with PBE, but when I try the same with working 
example DFTB inputs (from NVE calcs) the calculation slows down very 
quickly to using only 1 core and even dies a while later with the error.

 *   ___                                                                   
 *  /   \                                                                   
 * [ABORT]                                                                 
 *  \___/                     Index to radix array not found.               
 *    |                                                                     
 *  O/|                                                                     
 * /| |                                                                     
 * / \                                                     
 pw/fft_tools.F:270 *

 ===== Routine Calling Stack ===== 

            7 pw_grid_setup
            6 pw_env_rebuild
            5 qs_env_rebuild_pw_env
            4 qs_forces
            3 velocity_verlet
            2 qs_mol_dyn_low
            1 CP2K

Well, sometimes it dies with this error and sometimes it doesn't, but it 
gets really slow and 1 core always, all the time.

I tried input from the 2015 tutorial on the web site. I tried with working 
GGA input from a friend ... I changed various settings hoping to find a 
solution but nothing changes.

Is it even possible to run DFTB with NPT_I ?

I use optimized geometry and cell dimensions from a CELL_OPT run, and once 
again GGA NPT_I runs just fine ...

Here are two example input files which don't work


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