[CP2K-user] [CP2K:15158] ADMM only works with GAPW without DFT exchange correction

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Tue Apr 20 08:31:56 UTC 2021

Dear Augustin,

Thank you very much for letting me know. The HPC I used only compiled cp2k 
7.1. I tried to compile cp2k 8.1 by myself but the calculation speed is 
only half of their cp2k 7.1.. Anyway, thank you for help!


在2021年4月20日星期二 UTC+10 下午5:57:34<Augustin Bussy> 写道:

> Dear Hongyang,
> GAPW support for ADMM was only recently implemented. It is available from 
> version 8.1 of CP2K. Alternatively, setting EXCH_CORRECTION_FUNC to NONE 
> will allow CP2K 7.1 to run, but the results may suffer in accuracy.
> Best,
> Augustin
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> Subject: [CP2K:15158] ADMM only works with GAPW without DFT exchange 
> correction
> Hi,
> I'm a beginner of using cp2k 7.1. 
> When I did an HSE06 calculation with ADMM, I encountered an error message 
> "ADMM only works with GAPW without DFT exchange correction". I understand 
> this message is pretty clear but I couldn't figure out how exactly to solve 
> this issue. Could someone help me how to solve this without changing the 
> Thanks & Regards,
> Hongyang
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