[CP2K-user] Mayer bond orders

Miguel Steiner stein... at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 06:05:48 UTC 2020

Dear CP2K users,

I want to use the Mayer bond order analysis available in CP2K and first 
wanted to try it on the Si example that is included in the tutorial (see 
input file attached).
However, I ran into the problem that I cannot find the right parameters for 
a successful analysis.
In general the section looks like this

                 W.C. Lu et al, J. Chem. Phys. 120, 2629 (2004)
 Total Number of Atomic Basis Set Functions   
:                              104
 Total Number of Minimal Basis Set Functions  
:                                  x
 Total Number of Molecular Orbitals available 
:                                    y

>From my understanding and trials, I have to give the number of MAOs and the 
number of virtual MOs in the input for a successful analysis. I tried a few 
things and noticed that the MAOs per kind manipulate number x in the output 
as expected and the added MOs change number y in the output.
I now noticed the following behavior:

If I choose MAOs to be too low, I get an error with invalid number of 
columns in a matrix, which makes sense if the minimum number given is lower 
than the actual physical minimum number determined through the number of 

If x < y and y <= 104:
I get "WARNING: Only a subset of MOs is available: Analysis depends on MOs"
And then I get the error: "Hotelling inversion did not converge"

if x > y and y < 104:
I simply get "Localized Minimal Basis Analysis not possible" and no warning 
and errors are raised.

if x > 104 and y <= 104:
CPASSERT failed in minbas.f:158

Therefore, no matter which numbers I plug in, I cannot get a successful 
calculations and it seems to me that I tried the whole range of possible 

In general, I would need to do this analysis in a robust way unsupervised 
for multiple systems (rather surfaces than crystals), while also staying 
computationally feasible.
So I would very much appreciate a rather safe combination of inputs or a 
formula to calculate the necessary inputs for each structure. 

Best regards and thanks for your help,
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