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your problem is equivalent to the problem of calculating 
charged defect energies in solids. There is a huge literature
on how to solve the problems related to periodic boundary
conditions. See for example the papers by Alfredo Pasquarello.


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Hello All,

I'm trying to calculate the binding energy of an ion inside a condensed phase unit cell.

The energy difference equals the energy of the full (neutral) liquid system minus the energy of two oppositely charged systems: vacuum-phase molecule (in this case, negatively charged) and liquid/hole combo (positively charged). 

Simply setting the CHARGE setting in my input file leads to spurious results, especially large dependence on vacuum-phase ion's energy on the unit cell size. 

I've been playing around with turning the liquid unit cell into a cluster, and trying to calculate the energy without periodicity, i.e. using WAVELET poisson with ANALYTIC solver. But I'm not sure whether this plays nice with the CHARGE keyword. 

Maybe a better way would be to stay within periodic boundary conditions, but turn on MULTIPOLE poisson method...again, not sure how this plays with having a charged unit cell. 

I can't find in the documentation what exactly setting a nonzero CHARGE does... does it do nothing, or does it automatically turn on a background jellium?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 



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