[CP2K-user] [CP2K:11704] How do I make use of this HINT?

Tiziano Müller tiziano... at chem.uzh.ch
Fri May 10 08:19:20 UTC 2019

For future reference:


On 10.05.19 09:55, Tiziano Müller wrote:
> Hi David,
> this means that when building CP2K you could have added specific 
> compiler flags to optimize the generated code for the target CPU.
> Based on [1] it seems that the Intel compiler only enables support for 
> SSE2 by default (independently of the optimization level).
> If you need the CP2K executable to be a universal binary running on 
> different CPUs then there is not much you can do here. If you can limit 
> it to specific CPUs, then you probably should add matching optimization 
> options, using the flags documented in [1].
> If you already have `-xHost` in your flags, then you might use a CPU 
> with a smaller instruction set when building compared to when running CP2K.
> Hope that helps,
> best regards,
> Tiziano
> [1] 
> https://software.intel.com/en-us/articles/performance-tools-for-software-developers-intel-compiler-options-for-sse-generation-and-processor-specific-optimizations 
> On 08.05.19 20:16, David Gunter wrote:
>> I compiled cp2k with the Intel 2018 compiler and using Intel MPI. When 
>> I run the code, I get this message:
>> HINT in environment.F:804 The compiler target flags used to build this 
>> binary are insufficiently exploiting the extensions which are 
>> available for this CPU model.
>> What do I need to do?
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