[CP2K-user] How to install the cp2k_shell executable?

Maxime Van den Bossche maxime.cp.v... at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 14:53:12 UTC 2019

Hi Yuri,

I just tried it on my Linux box and, with the current master branch
and a minimalistic arch file, I do get both the cp2k.ssmp and 
cp2k_shell.ssmp executables.

I'm just a casual CP2K user so I don't think I can be of much help.
For a moment I thought it could have to do with GNU make vs Berkeley 
make, but the FreeBSD port 
does seem to invoke gmake, right?
What happens if you run

./tools/build_utils/discover_programs.py src

? I am getting:

src/metadyn_tools/graph.F src/start/cp2k.F src/start/cp2k_shell.F 

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