installation of cp2k on linux mint machine

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Wed Aug 29 13:20:46 CEST 2018


you will need to look in the build/scotch_6.0.0/src directory for the 
make.log file from ptscotch to see what the real error message is. 

It is likely a preprossessing library that is not preinstalled in mint.


On Wednesday, August 29, 2018 at 12:05:52 PM UTC+1, SS wrote:
> I was trying to install cp2k on my linux mint OS. I downloaded the cp2k 
> file and prerequisites files from cp2k website and followed the instruction 
> given in readme file after unzipping the cp2k files.When i tried to install 
> the toolchain using 
> ./ --install-all
> it was showing an error message as follows
> Installing from scratch into /home/shyam/WORK/shyam/softwares/cp2k-5.1/tools/toolchain/install/scotch-6.0.0
> ERROR: (/home/shyam/WORK/shyam/softwares/cp2k-5.1/tools/toolchain/scripts/, line 43) Non-zero exit code detected.
> I have all tar.gz files. I tried to install this from individual scotch_6.0.0.tar.gz file and it was not working
> I am new to the software and it would be helpful if someone can give a step by step installation guide.
> Thank you
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