[CP2K:10136] DFT+U calculation problems

Krack Matthias (PSI) matthia... at psi.ch
Sun Apr 1 15:13:11 UTC 2018

Dear Xiaohui

It seems the two DFT+U runs converged to different states for the same atomic configuration, since band gaps and spin densities are quite different. The Hubbard U term promotes an electron localisation, in your case of the Ti 3d electrons. Different 3d orbital occupation patterns can result in different total energies, especially for large U values. You can check the 3d occupations by activating the &PLUS_U print section in &FORCE_EVAL/&DFT/&PRINT.

Best regards


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Dear, all

I did some calculations with DFT+U functional recently, they all obtained from the CP2K program.

At first, I calculated the geometry optimization of the structre, and obtained the total energy directly from the last optimized structure (let's say E1). Then, I ran a single point energy calculation with the same optimized structure and got the total energy E2.

However, those two total energies (E1 & E2) I collected from the exact same structure have significant difference, E2-E1 = 1.2 eV.

When checking their output results,  I find that the total energy difference could be attributed to two parts, DFT+U energy and  Core Hamiltonian energy. The input and output files are attached below.

As far as I know, the total energy calculated from the same settings and structures should be the same. I have no idea about these results. Could you please help me check what is wrong with my calculation? Any comments will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,


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