Luiz Fernando Lopes Oliveira olive... at
Wed May 24 23:39:48 UTC 2017

 Hi. I successfully compiled CP2K, and made some initial tests with my own 
input files, which worked just fine. However, when I run a regtest I got 
all tests failed

> Number of FAILED  tests 2573
> Number of WRONG   tests 0
> Number of CORRECT tests 0
> Number of NEW     tests 0
> Total number of   tests 2573
> GREPME 2573 0 0 0 2573 X

I ran the regtest using  "make ARCH=Linux-x86-64-intel-host VERSION=psmp 
test"  from the makefiles folder. I took some of the input files from 
cp2k/tests  that generated the RUNTIME FAILS and, as my own input files, I 
haven't had any issue with them. Anyway I'm surprised that regtests failed, 
and would like very much some advises on it. 
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