WARNING in minimax_rpa

Kun-Han Lin imagi... at gmail.com
Fri Jan 13 12:32:03 UTC 2017

Dear CP2K users and developers,

I was trying to perform a HXX/dRPA computation on a benzene molecule in gas 
phase using MINIMAX_QUADRATURE. Towards the end of the computation I got 
the following Warning:

 *** WARNING in minimax_rpa.F:110 :: The range for the Minimax             
 *** approximation is smaller than the lower bound for the required number 
 *** of quadrature points. The Minimax parameters have been optimized for 
 *** the lower bound of: 60.00                                             

  INTEG_INFO| Range for the minimax approximation:                       

There is something I could do to increase the range of minimax 
approximation over 60?

Best Regards
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