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Tue Feb 14 12:11:15 UTC 2017

Hello all.

I have been trying to compile and execute cp2k in my computer but i'm 
having problems.

I use a modified arch file including my routes to files and libreries. When 
I compile it works but wher runing the tests it fails in all the cases.

Could anyone help me with this? My computer is an intel i7-920 with 4 cores 
and 8 threadings. I have a CUDA capable graphic card so i like to enable it 
(I have installed the last version of the nvidia CUDA kit)
About the software i run ubuntu 16.04.4 with gfortran and gcc, both 
versions 5.4.0. Also I have installed the last version of the intel MKL 
library (aditionally i also have ACML). Finally I'd like to compile cp2k 
with libint, libxc and fftw. All three are compiled and installed in my 

Any help for the creation of the appropiate arch file in wellcome.

That you all in advance.

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