Binary restart file does not work

Yiyang yiyan... at
Mon Feb 13 23:44:54 UTC 2017

Dear CP2K experts,

I am running a QS-MSST simulation (CP2K 4.1), during which i used:


to write general restart files in both text format and binary format.

I also used in the  &EXT_RESTART  section:

EXTERNAL_FILE                               ${RESTART_FILE} 
RESTART_DEFAULT                         .TRUE.

to read from the restart files.

However, I get following error message:

*  Section label <SHELL COORDINATES> read from the binary restart file
*  does not match the requested section name <VELOCITIES>.

In a test case (MD), the above settings worked, but as I switched to QS 
case, this did not.
How can I use the restart files? Thanks.

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