requested atomic potential was not found

Alex nedo... at
Thu Oct 13 18:12:46 UTC 2016

Hi all,

I'm trying to do a quick run of the B3LYP example 
My input is identical, except that I am giving the paths to the potential 
and basis set files as absolute paths to its location on our cluster: 



The error I get is this:


 *** ERROR in read_all_potential (MODULE external_potential_types) ***


 *** The requested atomic potential <ALL> for element <C> was not found in 

 *** the potential file <../../cp2k_share/POTENTIAL>                       

 *** Program stopped at line number 1289 of MODULE external_potential_types 

I tried copying that directory into a local one, and then adjusting the 
paths: same error.

Any suggestions?

Thank you,


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