Waiting time is too long

Shawn Yang shawn.yan... at gmail.com
Fri Mar 18 11:00:18 UTC 2016

Hi Conrad,

Thanks for your reply. I am using the High Performance Computing cluster in 
Aberdeen University, named Maxwell. Of course it's not as good as Archer, 
but the performance cannot be that poor.

I am now thinking it is because I don't have libgrid in the environment. 
But I find it is rather hard for me to intall that lib.

Do you have some advise about the performance? There are too many people 
using Archer recently, many times I need to queue a whole week.

Best regards,


在 2016年3月18日星期五 UTC上午8:40:38,Conrad写道:
> Dear Shawn Yang,
> What hardware are you comparing Archer with? 
> Best wishes,
> Conrad 
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