setting grotthus mechasism visualization using vmd

Dj MG ghada... at
Tue Jul 19 13:45:51 UTC 2016

Hello cp2k lovers.
How's the setting grotthus mechasism visualization using vmd?
My aim is looking hop-turn of proton. 
I have run aimd in cp2k and the output file including file.ener, 
When i visualize (using CPK model) in vmd no the hop-turn just 
vibration of atom.
But when i change atom model to Dynamic Bond the hop-turn was appeared.
And i have watched a lot of  hop-turn proton videos in Youtube, they use 
CPK model and the hop-turn proton appear.
Then i search in google about hop-turn mechanism in vmd, they use 
tk-console. But when i using it's confusing for me.
I ask again what's the important file extention to built hop-turn mechanism?
Any advice/suggest for me? 

Thank you
Cheers Always
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