[CP2K:8101] Developers: fast build, without recompiling dependencies?

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Fri Aug 26 07:55:44 UTC 2016

Hi Rustam

this works for me rather reliably. Most of the time I have only
minimal rebuilds.
I am using the standard makefile and gfortran 5.3


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Hi Jörg,
Yes, it is possible to manually recompile individual files and re-link. But I would like to do as little manual work as possible. Ideally, I would just call make and specify a make target (e.g. nodepend) to ignore dependencies. 
I know that most makefiles are written with this option in mind (e.g. fast or fastbuild). Is there any way to do this in CP2K?

On Thursday, August 25, 2016 at 9:49:49 AM UTC-4, sassy wrote:Hi Rustam,

can you not go into the sub-directory and do a make there and then just re-

link? I would have thought that is possible. 

If you have modified only a few files it might be even quicker to manually 

execute the building command and then re-link.

Not sure whether that works with cp2k as well as I have not tried it but other 

code certainly has that feature.

All the best from London


On Thursday 25 Aug 2016 06:44:34 Rustam wrote:

> CP2K developers,


> Is the any way to build exe without recompiling ALL dependencies?


> A couple of years ago the standard make target did not recompile all

> dependencies. As a result minor code modifications recompiled fast. Now,

> make carefully creates a list of all dependencies and recompiles all of

> them. Nice safety feature but recompiling minor local changes seems to take

> forever, debugging becomes a major pain.


> Is there any make TARGET that can build exe by recompiling only the

> modified files and their corresponding libraries?


> Thanks,

> Rustam



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