[CP2K:6476] Re: Memory problem when using ELPA

Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski rat... at gmail.com
Wed May 6 13:41:13 UTC 2015

Dear Marcella,

On Wednesday, 06 May 2015 at 09:05, Marcella Iannuzzi wrote:
> Dear Dominik,
> we tested all versions of ELPA with and without activating OMP (when 
> available)
> We also tested all the available kernels and several compilation options 
> (from highly optimised to debug level).
> In all cases, starting from version 2013.11 the memory leak is present. 


> Though we did not contact the developers yet. 
> Do you know who is actively working on ELPA at the moment?

Yes, please send an e-mail to:
Andreas Marek <amarek at rzg.mpg.de>
Volker Blum <blum at fhi-berlin.mpg.de>

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