Compilations with Intel (XE 2013) for CP2K-trunk (2.7dev) & regtests errors

Rolf David rolf.d... at
Fri Jun 12 18:26:47 UTC 2015


The advices worked well. I'm now error free.

I've moved on compiling libsmm and libgrid. 

Now i've run in another problem, the generation of libsmm.

The tiny part : 

./generate -c config/ -j 0 -t 16 tiny1

Generate master file 

make: execvp: /bin/sh: Argument list too long 

make: *** [] Error 127

The problem comes from the command by verbosing:

make -j 16 -f ../ all SI=1 EI=13824

and ifort died 

if anobody has any idea of what I'm doing wrong, I'll be glad (and relieved 

Kinds regards

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