[CP2K:5057] cell_opt of Ag increases the bond length

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my first guess would be
- k-point convergence (== size of your cell)
- size of the basis set

One other point. Please submit input files that can be read
reasonably. Don't have half of the file commented out and 
don't use parameter programming. 


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Subject: [CP2K:5057] cell_opt of Ag increases the bond length

Dear all,

I am doing cell_opt for bulk Ag. The theoretical bond length of Ag is 2,89 angstrom, but my result shows the length is 2,98, which I think is a large discrepancy. It seems like the whole cell blows up. it the common case for cell_opt of metal, or should I change some parameters in my input file like CUTOFF in MGRID and smear. The input file is in the attachment. 

Thanks a lot for your help!

Best regards,
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