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you are calculating a water molecule with a distant proton.
GGA functionals are known to get this wrong. They fail to
localize the charge and give a 'smeared' charge distribution.
See the 0.5 charge on the lone H. 
HF on the other hand localizes the charge, as you can see in
your Gaussian calculation.


Juerg Hutter

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Dear All,
                 I am trying to calculate atomic charges of a system whose total charge is +1. I am not able to get charges correctly as expected. 

For the sake of better understanding, i have taken an easy system which consists of 1 water molecule and 1 H atom (Total 4 atoms).  

First, I used Gaussian software to calculate the atomic charges on this system. 

 Mulliken atomic charges: (Method:  hf 6-31g(d))
      1  O   -0.857873
     2  H    0.424054
     3  H    0.433819
     4  H    1.000000

 Sum of Mulliken atomic charges =   1.00000

Using CP2K, i have got the following charges. 


 #  Atom  Element  Kind  Atomic population                Net charge 
       1     O        1          5.956324                  0.043676
       2     H        2          0.814162                  0.185838
       3     H        2          0.809985                  0.190015 
       4     H        2          0.419529                  0.580471
 # Total charge                  8.000000                  1.000000

In case of atom centered basis set, i can clearly see +1 charge is localized on 1 H atom where as it is not the case using mixed basis set. Could anybody help me in this regard? The cp2k input file is enclosed.  



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