cp2k Installation hangs at the status "creating makefile" when try to install in parallel at supercomputer.

Matthias Krack matthia... at psi.ch
Thu Feb 27 13:59:58 UTC 2014

Hi Kalpna,

I can only guess, but on supercomputers the set of installed packages 
differs often from standard Linux PCs. Maybe the bison package is missing. 
Please check the how-to compile CP2K for details


and check if all prerequisites are fulfilled.



On Thursday, February 27, 2014 2:45:35 PM UTC+1, Kalpna Jain wrote:
> Hallo,
> I have successfully installed cp2k in parallel at my local computer using 
> intel fortron compiler(composer_xe_2011_sp1.8.273).
> But when i try to install cp2k in my account at supercomputer, the 
> installation hangs at the status "creating makefile". IFC at the remote 
> system is Compiler/11.1/046. and the ARCH file is similiar to that as was 
> on my local computer with the change relating intel compiler version.
> Can anybody suggest the reason for this hang and possible solution for 
> this.
> Thanking you.
> Kalpna jain
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