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Thu Aug 28 15:39:09 UTC 2014

Hi Ole,

this is a great feature. Our group would like to contribute fixes, but we 
prefer editing the source code directly (and believe it's easier for you 
guys to integrate if we do). We already made some changes and they are 
available at

But one question remains, and we didn't find the answer on the site: how 
does one compile the manual from source?

Vedran Miletić

Vedran Miletić, Research and Teaching Assistant
University of Rijeka, Department of Informatics / Faculty of Engineering

Dana srijeda, 12. lipnja 2013. 13:25:02 UTC+2, korisnik Ole Schütt napisao 
> Dear CP2K-User, 
> maybe you have already noticed the small "[Edit]" links at 
> . 
> This is a new feature, which allows everybody to easily contribute to 
> cp2k's documentation. 
> The links lead to a form where you can submit text changes, after a 
> short review the changes will appear in the official cp2k-manual. 
> So,... 
>    If you find a typo, please correct it. 
>    If you finally figured out how a keyword works, please clarify its 
> description. 
>    If you want to make a difference, write an introductory section 
> description. 
> CP2K is an open source project, so take matters into your own hands :-) 
> -Ole 
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