updation of cp2k

hut... at pci.uzh.ch hut... at pci.uzh.ch
Wed Oct 24 07:21:10 UTC 2012


I'm sorry but I don't maintain rpm packages of cp2k.


Juerg Hutter

Juerg Hutter                         Phone : ++41 44 635 4491
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To: hut... at pci.uzh.ch
From: Riping Wang <wang.ri... at gmail.com>
Date: 10/24/2012 01:49AM
Subject: updation of cp2k

Dear Hutter,

Could you please find some time to update the rpm package of cp2k?
At present the "yum install cp2k" on Fedora is 2.1 version.

Thank you very much for attention.

WANG Riping

WANG Riping
Ph.D student,  
Institute for Study of the Earth's Interior,Okayama University,
827 Yamada, Misasa, Tottori-ken 682-0193, Japan
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