Bug? Weird behaviour for FIXED_ATOMS in GEO_OPT (recent CP2K versions)

Dr_Nick raphael.... at gmail.com
Tue Oct 23 21:25:24 UTC 2012

Hi all,

I am running a GEO_OPT with constraints. My file (attached) contains the 
following section:

     LIST 1 2 11..14 35..38

I recall that this worked with CP2K 2.2 and 2.3 version: i.e. the xyz 
coordinates of the fixed atoms do not move during optimization. 

However with 2.4 (today's 12467) I noticed some very strange things:
- the 1st geometry (i=1) in the -pos-1.xyz file does NOT correspond to the 
starting structure. All positions are slightly off. This is also true when 
no constraints are applied and / or when I use other input files! 
- Fixed atoms move slightly.
- In one of my systems, some of the fixed atoms move slightly, while other 
fixed atoms experience large and totally "senseless" deplacements which 
causes the geometry optimization to fail.

- the constraints section is correctly read in because no force is 
displayed for the fixed atoms.
- the starting structure is reasonable because it was preoptimized before 
with another software.

I ran the same input on different machines (Magny Cours and Xeon) to check 
for parallelization / optimization / compiler / version issues.
2.4 branch 12467, 12431
2.3 branch 12343, 12275, 12230, 12229
AMD: gcc 4.6.3 / 4.6.2 / 4.7.0 + openmpi 1.6.1 + openblas 0.1.1 / 0.2.3 + 
fftw 3.3
INTEL: intel 12.1.2 + openmpi 1.6.1 + MKL + intel FFTW / -O2 and -O3 
These versions have been compiled either by me or the admins of our 
cluster. I guess they know what they are doing.

Here are my findings:

- running on 1 CPU (cp2k.sopt) or using only 1 MPI process (cp2k.popt), 
everything is OK (*all versions*)
- running on more than 1 CPU everything is OK for <= 2.3 12230. All higher 
revisions are affected.
- OpenMPI has probably no influence because with the same version (1.6.1), 
old CP2K revisions are ok, new revisions are not. This would require more 
testing but where can I download old 2.3 revisions? The svn always gives 
you the most recent version.
- O2 / O3 optimization tested in the case of the intel compiler: no 

So in my understanding, all versions >= 2.3 12230 are affected, when 
running on more than 1 CPU.

Could you please have a look into this issue or try to reproduce? My input 
files are attached.

Best regards and thanks for your help,

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