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hi francesco,

On Monday, June 13, 2011 9:48:47 AM UTC-4, Francesco Filippone wrote:
> On May 28, 9:53 pm, Axel <ako... at> wrote: 
> > hi francesco, 
> > 
> Dear Axel, 
> thank you for your answer, it's kind of psychological support :-) 

now this is really funny. posting to mailing lists is _my_ 
personal approach to psychotherapy. most of the questions
that people come up with are either simple to answer or
are interesting, so something to feel good about (compared
to the kind of nonsense that one may have to deal with in
the 'real world job', and that is currently a _lot_). ;)


It's never too late ... 
> In the last few weeks I had no time to give your arch files any 
> chance. Today 
> their hour finally came, but ... 
> what are libsmm???? When I google about such a library what comes out 
> are 

check out: cp2k/tools/build_libsmm
these are auxiliary matrix routines to augment BLAS. they are optional.
just leave out the corresponding define.


some dll stuff, which sounds too windows-related to be really 
> interesting. 
> No web site, nothing, I don't even know what they are good for. I know 
> it's my fault 
> but ... 
> > 
> > p.s.: building/tuning libsmm on a 4-way opteron 6174 machine is fun. ;-) 
> > 
> If you are so kind to answer my question, I'll be glad to have such a 
> fun ... ;-) 
> ciao, 
> F. 
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