[CP2K:2868] real time propagation under DDAPC charge constraint

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Mon Oct 4 16:18:44 CEST 2010


the DDAPC code was not indended/tested to work with RT-TDDFT.
However, we think the DDAPC restraint might work as is, for the
DDAPC constraint we have serious doubts that it is correct.



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Subject: [CP2K:2868] real time propagation under DDAPC charge constraint

Dear CP2K developers,

  I am trying to run a real-time propagation under DDAPC charge constraint. It seems to me that the following lines of codes in "qs_ks_methods.F" are still executed, and thus update the ks_env%v_hartree_rspace to apply the constraint. Am I right ?




      ! In case decouple periodic images and/or apply restraints to charges
       IF (do_ddapc) THEN
          CALL qs_ks_ddapc(qs_env, auxbas_pw_pool, rho_tot_gspace, v_hartree_gspace,&

               v_spin_ddapc_rest_r, energy, calculate_forces, ks_env, ks_matrix,    &
               just_energy, ddapc_restraint_is_spin, explicit_potential, error)
          explicit_potential      = .FALSE.

          ddapc_restraint_is_spin = .FALSE.
          IF (.NOT. just_energy) THEN
             CALL pw_transfer(v_hartree_gspace%pw, ks_env%v_hartree_rspace%pw, error=error)
             CALL pw_scale(ks_env%v_hartree_rspace%pw, ks_env%v_hartree_rspace%pw%pw_grid%dvol,&

          END IF
       END IF


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