[CP2K:2908] mode selective MS_RESTART patch

Buddhadev Maiti bmait... at gmail.com
Mon Nov 8 03:12:20 UTC 2010

Dear Toon,
Nice to get your reply. I am tried to simulation using rigid water using
amber force field and PDB file. In input file, what kind of keyword will be
suitable in the place of MOLNAME. I am tried different ways, but every time
I am getting error. Could you reply me suitable keywords, it will be great
help for me.
Have a nice day,

On Fri, Nov 5, 2010 at 5:07 AM, Toon Verstraelen
<Toon.Ver... at ugent.be>wrote:

> Hi,
> Would someone care to take a look at (and possibly commit) the attached
> patch?
> I always have troubles with the mode selective regression tests when coding
> in Fist. The output seems to be very sensitive to numerical changes.
> I tried to understand a bit how the mode selective tests work, and noticed
> that the MS_RESTART file is always written by these tests. It is used by
> some of the other tests. The file name does not include a project name or
> anything. Just to reduce confusion, the attached patch adds a
> PRINT%MS_RESTART section to control this output and introduces a proper file
> name. The related tests are also updated in the patch.
> cheers,
> Toon
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