[CP2K:1895] Re: Grimme correction and supercell

Teodoro Laino teodor... at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 11:55:38 UTC 2009

Dear Daniele,

> please allow me a comment to this post. Note that this comment does
> not clash with my respect and appraisal for the invaluable developing
> work and continuous support by the cp2k team; but this premise is not
> necessary, since we are friends for almost a decade now.
sure! this is a forum where the key-point is the freedom of doing 
everything you want..  not moderated.. and you can comment every single 
message according your personal convictions.
> In no case an arrogant and provoking answer like the one you gave to
> the user Andrzej is productive or meaningful in the context of a
> scientific forum like this one.
My answer was not arrogant neither provocative.
Are you so naive to think that I was insulting Andrzej for a mistake 
done in an input file?
Do you really think that I was thinking that Andrzej does not know how 
to multiply two numbers while he is
able to run CP2K in an extremely good way ?
Sorry.. but you overlooked that.. and to me it was clear that it was 
just a mistype when multiplying the two numbers..
in fact 0.16666*5 = 0.8333 which is the number used in the input file 
(instead of 0.83325).
And if you were spending 10 minutes of your time downloading the input 
files and checking things, you wouldn't have written this comment, since 
it was clear to you as well.

I'm free to joke on a mistake like this one, exactly like you are free 
to post your comments.
Remember FREEDOM!
> You could have delivered the same interesting piece of information
> (from which many users will take advantage) in a completely different
> way.
> Such attitude only contributes to repel people: not only they will
> check carefully their input and output files, and the documentation,
> before posting (which is a very positive thing!!!), but they will be
> so afraid of getting offended, that they will probably move to other
> communities...
> and this is not what we want, correct?
Thanks for the psychological lesson. Maybe in another forum like 
"psychological deficits in forum threads" would be more appropriate.
If you really believe what you are saying.. So.. why aren't you moving 
out of Switzerland just because few people in Bern offend immigrants? 
Maybe 'cause you have some convenience to stay and live here.. The same 
applies for users and codes..

I still believe that the message above was not offensive at all, and if 
somebody feels like offended.. well..
maybe he has a guilty conscience. 
He can always ignore my messages since I'm not CP2K.. like CP2K is not 
any of the developers.
And more than staying with CP2K because we do care about the 
psychological health of our users, I would like
that people working with CP2K would stay with it because they discovered 
a different and more convenient way of doing calculations.

Moreover, IMHO, a discussion forum is not a place where every single 
fart coming out of your brain has to be posted.
There are people that put part of their time in reading and trying to 
solve serious issues. This time is free time. And people
employ it in the way they like it more.

The one mentioned by Andrzej in principle was sounding like a serious 
one. I was pleased to have a look at it,
even though at the very end it turned out to be a human error.
The way I answer is just my personal choice. If you will give me a 
proper surcharge to my salary I may even think about building up more 
psychological aware answers :-) .

I hope Andrzej will stay with CP2K. If he will decide to move for 
another code where people are more responsive or more
aware about the psychological problems of the users, I cannot do 
anything else than wishing him all the success.

> It seems that some people transform when they drive a car and they
> start to get competitive, others transform when they are in the
> stadium and they become aggressive....
> maybe in the case of  computational scientists we could speak about
> "support forum-induced almightiness"?
in this framework.. what is your role? do you feel like the police-forum 
that arrest the aggressive guys in the stadium or the competitive guys 
on the street?

I just find terribly amazing/funny that  if people are not responsive.. 
one complains about the non-responsiveness.. if somebody is responsive 
(and the CP2K forum is EXTREMELY responsive compared to other forums).. 
then you complain about the psychological impact of the answers..

> Best,
> Daniele
> >

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