Grimme correction and supercell

Daniele Passerone dpass... at
Wed Mar 18 10:57:14 UTC 2009

Dear Teo,

On 17 Mrz., 20:47, Teodoro Laino <teodor... at> wrote:
> Andrzej,
> I asked my nephew (named Giovanni, almost 7) to multiply the following
> two numbers:
> 0.16665*5

please allow me a comment to this post. Note that this comment does
not clash with my respect and appraisal for the invaluable developing
work and continuous support by the cp2k team; but this premise is not
necessary, since we are friends for almost a decade now.

In no case an arrogant and provoking answer like the one you gave to
the user Andrzej is productive or meaningful in the context of a
scientific forum like this one.

You could have delivered the same interesting piece of information
(from which many users will take advantage) in a completely different
Such attitude only contributes to repel people: not only they will
check carefully their input and output files, and the documentation,
before posting (which is a very positive thing!!!), but they will be
so afraid of getting offended, that they will probably move to other
and this is not what we want, correct?

It seems that some people transform when they drive a car and they
start to get competitive, others transform when they are in the
stadium and they become aggressive....
maybe in the case of  computational scientists we could speak about
"support forum-induced almightiness"?


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