[CP2K:2200] Re: ERRORL2 in qs_loc_methods:centers_spreads_berry processor

Jörg Saßmannshausen jorg.sassm... at strath.ac.uk
Mon Aug 3 23:06:17 CEST 2009

Dear all,

let me jump into this discussion (I am german, I am suppose to jump the queue 
anyway :D )

I had some issues with the Intel 11.0.84 and 11.1.046 compiler which basically 
gave ICE. So right now I am still using the 10.1.021 as I know it is building 
ok the testjobs are ok (for me).

A know that Intel has got different subversions and whereas one might work, 
another might break the code.
I am using the compiler flags which are supplied with the code for a Linux 
x86-64 intel sopt/popt build.

Just my 2 raindrops from Scotland!


On Montag 03 August 2009 Teodoro Laino wrote:
> the best test for checking the optimization is to compile everything
> with -O0 (the differences between -O3 and -O2 are not so many..).
> If it does work with -O0 than you may  trigger which file is causing the
> problem and switch off optimization only for that particular file.
> Teo
> berosek wrote:
> > Dear Teo,
> > thank you very much for your help.
> > The -O3 optimalisation isn't the problem because of the same problem
> > is with -O2.
> > I'll try out other versions of intel compiler.
> > Ones more thank you.
> > Regards,
> > Berosek

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