Periodic calculations with non-periodic solutions

Matt W MattWa... at
Wed Apr 22 15:00:19 UTC 2009


Just a couple of comments:

The Na semicore states seem to require about 600 ry cutoff - so any
data with much less than that is just noise.

Typically the noisest part of the cp2k calc is in the XC derivatives
(see the main quickstep reference) - using a different smoothing
function (e.g. XC_DERIV SPLINE3) might help.

Any code that uses realspace grids will have some "eggbox" effect,
i.e. the system may not be perfectly translationally invariant ... but
I shouldn't think this would be significant with your setup.

Maybe the very high cuttoffs make some of the default settings not so
good, perhaps someone else can comment more fully.



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