[CP2K:740] Re: CP2K in IBM PWR5 machinces

Fawzi Mohamed fa... at gmx.ch
Thu Mar 6 18:34:11 UTC 2008

Hi Yunfeng ,

If the error happens with the default H2O-32.inp then probably you  
miscompiled something.
libraries, binding, compiler, error, it could be many things.
Try if the serial version works.
If it does check that blacs and scalapack work (do their tests).
If they do then maybe you have found a compiler bug, give the exact  
version of your compiler/environment, it is useful to know.
But probably it is just an mpi/blacs/scalapack compilation/ 
configuration problem.


On Mar 6, 2008, at 7:23 PM, Teodoro Laino wrote:

> No.. that's enough..
> have a look at the messages already posted several times about  
> failing cholesky..
> it could be a problem of your system or a problem connected with  
> the library you're using..
> ciao,
> teo
> On 6 Mar 2008, at 18:51, LIANG Yunfeng wrote:
>> Any message I should supply? Thank you again.
> >

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