CVS and BerliOS

Teodoro Laino teodor... at
Thu Aug 30 15:02:10 UTC 2007

Hi Folks!

Looks like in Berlios did some major changes with the server hosting  
the passwords.
If yo do not experience any problem with the CVS just IGNORE this  

In case you experience  problems in downloading/updating your own  
directory of CP2K there's an easy way to fix it.
This depends whether you were following tightly the instructions of  
the BerliOS site in setting up your own copy of
the CVS repository or not.

In case you just downloaded CP2K with the instructions similar to:

cvs -dtlaino at co cp2k

you may experience problems: BerliOS asks you to type your password  
but it cannot authenticate it and the login fails.

If you were using the following syntax:

cvs -d:pserver:tlaino at login   (then type  
the BerliOS password)
cvs -d:pserver:tlaino at co cp2k

than you should not experience any problem.

In case you experience password problems with an already existing  
tree of cp2k you have two possibility:

-) Download from scratch a new CVS tree following the proper  
instructions (authenticating through the :pserver:)
-) go into the cp2k directory and run the attached script (download  
and chmod 755 it) :

~teo/cp2k> ../compatible_BerliOS

The problem should then be fixed!

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