new collection of cp2k hacks for intel/infiniband clusters.

Axel akoh... at
Wed Aug 15 00:36:21 UTC 2007

hi everybody,

in the files section you'll find an updated patch relative to the
current cvs (as of now ;-) ) that
has some tweaking and a few required changes to make the code work at
all with machines
using the intel compiler where there is no option to have the default
stack size raised (needed
particularly for clusters based on redhat/centos/rocks/fedora/
scientific linux/whitebox/etc.).

it also removes one call to system in machine_intel.F that is
interfering with most current
infiniband installations. if you call system anytime on one of those
machines, you may get
unexpected crashes or hangs some time later when accessing the
infiniband layer (not
always right away!!) and disables an overloaded parallel call, that
leads to crashes with
many compilers and has not much use for a regular user (grid

comments, bug reports etc. are welcome.

i'm looking forward to have yet another discussion about the futility
of adding c code to cp2k, educating sysadmins instead of working
around their (well intended) paranoia and/or incompetence and need
of getting rid of call system().



ps: URL is

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