Do you want people to use CP2K?

fawzi fa... at
Mon Apr 30 15:16:17 UTC 2007

Hi everybody,

* release
we have discussed already several times about it, I was against a
release before the transition to the new input, but now I think that
it would be a good point to do it.
Obviously something that will remain with a release is that one should
*really* not add new features to it, otherwise the burden of merging
them in the head will get much bigger.

* compilability
compiler fault normally, and I don't see many ways to improve it
easily, we aleady have some cludges due to compiler problems, but I am
strongly against putting too much work working around compilers bugs.
About libint I think that Juerg already answered, and I personally
thnik that using the new standard interface was the right choice, even
if at the moment it gives headaches.

* documentation
With respect to the documentation it is something that should be done,
but is boring, anyway I have just checked in a first preliminary
version of a tutorial, and this before reading your post :).
In cp2k/doc/tutorialCp2k.html you can find it, I plan to complete it
next week or so and put it officially on the web...

So don't despair, obviously not everything will happen as fast as you
might like, but we know about the problems, but unfortunately nobody
of us really likes to do boring work.
If you want to help then I think that nobody is stopping you, but yes
as the developer group is spread around, everybody has its own
problems, it is not always easy...


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