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Fri Aug 11 01:23:18 UTC 2023

Are you a brilliant mind with a PhD in Geochemistry, Chemistry, Physics, or 
Material Science? If you're ready to take on exciting challenges and drive 
innovation, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

CSIRO's CarbonLock Future Science Platform is offering a 3-year 
postdoctoral fellowship that will let you dive into groundbreaking research 
and contribute to the global effort of carbon removal. As a CSIRO Early 
Research Career (CERC) Postdoctoral Fellow, you'll be part of a vibrant 
team dedicated to pushing the boundaries of science and shaping tomorrow's 

We are looking for talents with strong experience and track record in 
applying molecular simulation methods to understand chemical reactions 
(thermodynamics and kinetics) of mineral carbonation processes, including 
mineral dissolution, nucleation and precipitation. The successful candidate 
will work alongside with expertises in experimental and computational 
geochemistry team, with the support of world-leading supercomputer 
facilities, as well as established collaborations with our experimental 
team at Synchrotron facilities. 

Join our collaborative team, shape sustainable solutions, and lead us 
towards a carbon-neutral future. Feel free to contact me for more 

More details and apply through : 

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