[CP2K-user] [CP2K:15385] Unreasonable CELL_OPT result obtained for TiO2

Krack Matthias (PSI) matthi... at psi.ch
Sun May 16 16:46:27 UTC 2021

Hi Yike

Your simulation cell is small and you use no k point sampling. Either you use k point sampling or you enlarge your simulation cell to at least a cell edge length of 12 A in each direction. I suggest the latter option for CP2K. Furthermore, you could reduce EPS_DEFAULT to 1.0E-12 and increase REL_CUTOFF to 60.



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Betreff: [CP2K:15385] Unreasonable CELL_OPT result obtained for TiO2

Hello, cp2k developers and users,

I try to optimize primitive cell of rutile TiO2 by running CELL_OPT calculation at PBE+U(presently set to 0 eV)/DZVP level, but I find cell parameters deviate from experimental values quite quickly during calculation.
I have tried changing STRESS_TENSOR to both NUMERICAL and ANALYTICAL but it does not help, I also think it may be not the reason why I get this kind of strange result.
I attach my input script and CIF file below, are there any parameters in input script I forget?
In addition, anatase TiO2 CELL_OPT task also has such problem, but I remember that primitive cell of Co3O4 can be successfully optimized.

Thanks in advance.

Yike Huang
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