[CP2K-user] [CP2K:14861] Energy differences with identical relative coordinates

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Dear Prof. Hutter,

thanks for your response, that obviously makes sense.
I guess this is even more exaggerated, due to the large box size? 
Do you (and your team) have experience what box size fits best to simulate 
a molecular calculation. I need those to calculate adsorption energies.

Thanks and best wishes,

jgh schrieb am Mittwoch, 3. März 2021 um 15:06:54 UTC+1:

> Hi
> due to the integration grid (PW grid) the QS energy is not
> translationally invariant. When you move a molecule rigidly
> through the box, the energy will oscillate. The frequency and
> amplitude depend on you PW cutoff.
> best regards
> Juerg Hutter
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> Subject: [CP2K:14861] Energy differences with identical relative 
> coordinates
> Dear Cp2k developers,
> just by coincidence I noticed that I get different electronic energies 
> depending on the absolute coordinates of my input molecule.
> I tried a simple test system with O2 in a 15x15x15x angstrom cube. I 
> set-up 2 different xyz files, one with 3.xx angstrom in the z coordinates 
> and one with 34.xx angstrom in the z coordinate. However, both O2 molecules 
> are identical in their bond length, they are simply translated to each 
> other.
> As long as I center the coordinates, I get the identical electronic energy 
> of
> -31.929620495691506
> But if I don't center the coordinates, I get different results:
> -31.929366281248029 (inside)
> -31.929298672694223 (outside)
> I mean, I can imagine that it leads to difficulties, if the molecule is 
> placed outside of the defined cell, but especially the different energy for 
> the O2 molecules that is placed within the cell, albeit not the exact 
> center, confuses me.
> Am I doing something wrong here or is this expected behavior? If the 
> latter is the case, why aren't all coordinates centered by default (which I 
> guess I will do from now on)?
> Input and systems see attachment.
> Thanks in advance and best regards,
> Miguel
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