[CP2K-user] FFTW-MPI library and Intel MKL libs

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Thu Jun 10 14:51:57 UTC 2021

I'm installing cp2k-8.2 via the toolchain.  I have my own MKL libs 
installed and Openmpi 4.0.5.  I am hoping to use the FFTW3 MKL libs (I 
assume these are faster than those installed from fftw-3.3.8???).  However, 
I'm getting the following WARNING, below, from the toolchain.  I'm not sure 
if I missed something on installing the fftw3 wrappers in MKL.

==================== Linking OpenMPI to user paths ====================
Found directory 
Found directory 
Found directory 
Step openmpi took 1.00 seconds.
line 26) MKL FFTW3 interface is present, but FFTW library is needed 

Thank you for the help,
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