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CP2K, like most other QC codes, is using spherical harmonics in their real form.


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Dear CP2K users,

I am a relatively new CP2K user and try to calculate the example in official website (https://www.cp2k.org/howto:static_calculation) using CP2K.8.1. By adding the PRINT-MO_CUBES section, I print the molecular orbits wavefunction in *.cube file. I find that the wavefunction volumetric datas are float numbers in it. But from the basis set form, the primitive funciton includes spherical harmonics function, which is a complex number (because of the exp(i*m*phi)‘s existence). so what's the relationship between the true wavefunction and it in cube file?  Is it directly setting the exp(i*m*phi) to 1 or other method? 

I attach the the figures of few lines of *.cube file and primitive function formula here. Thanks for any suggestions!  
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