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Hi Monu

Indeed, the q21 refers to the number of valence electrons and thus there are 67-21=46 core electrons. The first line of the GTH-PP parameter set defines the number of s, p, d, and f valence electrons which are 4, 6, 0, and 11, respectively, for Holmium: [Kr 4d10] 5s2 6s2 5p6 4f11



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Hi there

Is there a way that I can find out how many electrons are treated by a given Pseudopotential for a given atom...? For instance, I used the GTH-PBE-q21 in a calculation for the Ho atom but I was wondering how many electrons of the Ho are treated by this Pseudopotential...? Does this q21 referring something a number of core electrons...?

Thanks in advance!


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