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*What Is The Role of Micro Switch In HVAC Applications?*

Micro switches <https://www.unionwells.com/micro-switch.html> have come 
into existence to improve the functionalities of devices and appliances 
over the years. That is to say, they are existing to ensure your devices 
are performing optimally via their detector and sensing roles. In case you 
do not know, there are numerous applications or appliances which can hardly 
function without the use of micro switches in them. It means their 
functions go beyond having bulbs turned on/off.  They are very advanced in 
terms of functionalities in lots of regards. 

One of the ways that micro switches are proving to be very useful is their 
installations in HVAC applications. Whether you want to acknowledge it or 
not, the truth still remains that the micro switches have played a very 
crucial role when it comes to helping these applications function in an 
advanced way. Are you doubting how this happens? If that is the case, 
ensure to read details of this post from beginning to the end. 

It will be revealing how a micro switch tends to work in various types of 
HVAC applications. After reading these facts, you will come to one 
conclusion – micro switches are more useful than they are being portrayed 
to be. 

*What are HVAC applications?*

Before understanding how micro switches tend to work or function in these 
applications, it is important to make some explanations on what HVAC 
applications are all about. These are devices or appliances which have been 
built to ensure that indoor air quality is improved. They are becoming very 
popular due to their functions when it comes to enhancing the quality of 
air in your home or office. In case you live in an environment where the 
air seems to be polluted, an HVAC application will be of great help in lots 
of regards. 

A typical example of an HVAC application is air conditioner. Its primary 
goal is to ensure that thermal comfort is provided. This is obvious since 
they have been designed to make rooms cooler and more comfortable to stay 
in. You can talk about the smart features that are being integrated into 
these applications at the moment. However, there is one thing that you have 
to understand. This is the fact that micro switches 
<https://www.unionwells.com/products.html> are helping them work in the 
most automated manner. The details below will be using an air conditioner 
for better understanding. 

*How does a micro switch work in HVAC applications? *

Just as said above, air conditioner will be used to explain this process. 
Of course, you know that these applications work to ensure the temperature 
of a room becomes cold for some time. This means it is not a constant or 
permanent working process as the applications will have to pause after 
working for time depending on the settings and features. For such 
interruption to happen, a micro switch needs to be included. It is 
responsible for detecting changes in temperature and sending signals to 
other components thereby making the appliance to stop producing cold. 

In case you do not know, switches have the ability to sense changes in an 
appliance or environment and activate some certain functionalities. It is 
through their sensor ability which can determine whether there will be an 
interruption or not within the air conditioner unit. For instance, if the 
AC has been built to stop working after a room temperature reaches a 
particular degree centigrade, it is the micro switch which has the ability 
to detect such and make it happen. 

Once it senses that the temperature has been reached, it will cause the AC 
to stop working for some time. You must have noticed how an AC unit stops 
and starts after some time in your home. It is the micro switch 
<https://www.unionwells.com/aboutus.html> that is at work. 

*Control panel buttons *

Apart from their sensor abilities, micro switches are also included in the 
control panels of air conditioners which happen to be one of the most 
popular HVAC applications. When you press the buttons in such appliance, it 
is the micro switch that makes such possible. For instance, every HAVC 
application has a switch on/off button. All you have to do is have the 
button pressed and it will either start working or be turned off. This is 
could not have been possible without the presence of a micro switch at 

Even when you want to regulate some of their settings, such is possible 
through the control panels. As a matter of fact, majority of the buttons 
you press in these applications are being powered by a micro switch. 

*How does this happen?*

You must be wondering how the above happens right? This is very simple to 
understand as micro switches have two contacts – normally open contact and 
normally closed contact. In the case of a micro switch 
<https://www.unionwells.com/switch-applications.html> sensing changes 
within the AC and activating/deactivating the other components, these 
contacts have to play their respective roles to perfection. For instance, 
at closed contact, the air conditioner unit is working since it is the 
contact which sanctions the flow of electricity in a micro switch. On the 
other hand, the open contact is that position whereby there is no flow of 

It is the same thing when a micro switch is included in their control 
panels. The closed contact as explained above, allows flow of 
current/electricity amongst the various components. Therefore, as the 
buttons are pressed, you are either giving room for flow of electricity or 
interrupting such a process. 

It is important to note that when it comes to how micro switches work in 
these applications, one thing is always certain. This is the fact that such 
can be either manual or automatic. For instance, in the case of sensor role 
explained above, it works automatically. Their inclusion in control panels 
requires the pressing of buttons. Without pressing such buttons, they will 
not be activated. 

*Conclusion *

The above explanation has proven that micro switches work in HVAC 
applications in a way that is very easy to understand. For a much better 
understanding, it will be better to observe your air conditioner unit which 
is a typical example of HVAC application.

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