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*Is Micro Switch A Detector Switch? *

There are lots people who do not understand much about micro switches 
<https://www.unionwells.com/products.html>. They believe that such switches 
are similar to traditional/conventional switches which are used in turning 
devices on/off. The truth is that they are very much different in lots of 
regards. This is why they are used in more applications than conventional 
switches. Without the micro switch, most applications that you are using 
around your home will not work as expected. This is because they are built 
to ensure the process is fully automated. 

Talking about the functionalities of a micro switch, most people are yet to 
find out that these switches can play the role of detectors. Are you 
amongst such people? Do you know that micro switches can also be known as 
detector switches? In case you have been trying to find out how this 
happens, ensure to read the details of this post from beginning to the end. 

It will be revealing facts about how micro switch plays the role of a 
sensor or detector. You will definitely be amazed after checking this post 
since most applications in your home must be using a micro switch. 

*What is a detector switch?*

A detector switch has been built or designed to carry out one major 
function. This is detecting various conditions in an application and 
activating some actions. In other words, it has the role of checking 
whether some conditions have been met before an application or machine will 
work as expected. Detector switches can come in various forms and micro 
switches happen to be one of them. That is to say, there are different 
switches which have the ability to detect such conditions. 

In case you still do not understand, here is a typical example of how a 
detector switch works. Assuming you have a car and would want to travel on 
a long journey that will take around 15-18hours. This simply means that you 
will be on the road even in the night. Now, most cars are designed in such 
a way that their headlights will be automatically turned on when the day is 
getting dark. This is something you do not have to bother about since your 
headlights can detect such process and have itself turned on. 

This is the role of a detector switch in such car. It senses that the 
sunlight has gone out and allows the headlights to be turned on for the 
driver to have a clear view of where he is heading. The same can also be 
said when the day is getting brighter and brighter early in the morning. 
Again, it detects that the sunlight is coming out and getting brighter 
during early morning periods. As a response to this, the lights again will 
be turned on automatically. 

It should be noted that not all automobiles have this feature at the 
moment. However, you will find it in most modern vehicles that are being 
released into the market. Their headlights have been designed to turn 
on/off without anyone assisting.  

*Some typical examples *

Have you known how a micro switch 
<https://www.unionwells.com/micro-switch.html> plays the role of sensor 
switch through the above explanation? Below are more examples to give you a 
much better understanding using some household appliances. 

*Washing machines*

Of course, washing machines have been a complete revolution in the 
technology world. This is because in the process of helping to ensure 
laundry work is automated, they have saved people from lots of stress and 
health complications which would have been experienced due to such 
complications. However, it may interest you to know that micro switch is 
present. As a matter of fact, it plays the role of a detector switch. 

A typical example is that it checks the water level to know whether laundry 
work can be carried out successfully. It also checks whether the door is 
opened or closed. These applications have been designed in a way that they 
can hardly function with their doors opened. Once this condition has been 
detected, the micro switch will then send signals to help users know. 

*Timer devices *

Timer devices are used in most organizations to get tasks completed in the 
most effective manner. However, what you have not noticed is that micro 
switches have a very crucial role to play in order to make such happen. 
They control these timer devices to a great extent. For instance, if the 
preset time has been set for 2hours, there needs to be some form of 
notification when such time reaches. The micro switch 
<https://www.unionwells.com/aboutus.html> acts as a sensor in such 

It detects when the preset time has been reached. Once this happens, it 
will then raise an alarm and the system will start all over again. This is 
a repeated process determined by the presence of a micro switch. 

*Refrigerators *

Do you know that micro switches usually play detector roles in these 
electrical appliances? They have the duty of checking whether the ice 
dispenser is correctly positioned. Without this process, your refrigerator 
may not function well as expected. They also play a very important role in 
the formation of ice. 

*Sliding doors *

Sliding doors are becoming very popular amongst people and organizations. 
Formally, they were only used by companies. However, such is beginning to 
change as individuals who love the idea of owning luxury homes are now 
embracing everything about it. 

It is the presence of a micro switch 
<https://www.unionwells.com/switch-applications.html> that makes it 
possible for a sliding door to open and close without the help of people. 
For instance, it plays the role of a sensor device which can tell whether 
someone is around or not. This means it will open on its own. 

*Conclusion *

The explanations above must have thought you one thing. This is the fact 
that micro switches can play the role of detectors in the most effective 
manner. It is all about understanding how it has been designed to function 
in your own application. A micro switch checks changes that must have taken 
place within an appliance and reacts accordingly.

For more about *micro switch*,you can pay a visit to china miro switch 
limit switch manufacturer <https://www.unionwells.com/> Unionwell at 
https://www.unionwells.com for more info.
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