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the &KPOINTS section defines the kp for the Kohn-Sham calculations.
WAVEFUNCTION REAL is only for very specific usage (and debugging),
please don't use it for normal use.

Once the Kohn-Sham calculation converged, you can calculate the
band structure using a finer grid with the section

          ADDED_MOS 2
          FILE_NAME xx.bs
             UNITS  B_VECTOR
             SPECIAL_POINT  Gamma 0.0 0.0 0.0
             SPECIAL_POINT  X     1.0 0.0 0.0
             NPOINTS     10

This section can be automatically generated using Seek-path



Juerg Hutter

Juerg Hutter                         Phone : ++41 44 635 4491
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Subject: [CP2K:13001] Electronic Band Structure. K-sampling. Weird behaviour. BN-MoS2-BN

                                         Dear all,  I am experiencing some problems with the band structure calculation 
   1) from the tutorial: https://www.cp2k.org/exercises:2016_uzh_cmest:band_structure_calculation 
   In &KPOINTS section there are 1-A)

 why a ‚so small‘ sampling ? Maybe I am misinterpreting it and it does not work in the same way as in QuantumESPRESSO If one wants to compute band structure in QuantumESPRESSO

>From  :   https://www.materialscloud.org/explore/2dstructures/details/3bc1dfdc-6dff-4639-b680-b90ca3d6b342?nodeType=NODE)
- scf :
K_POINTS automatic

 16 16 1 0 0 0

-bands : 132 k points

 1-B) why these settings are different with respect to the default?

2) my own calculation
My goal would be to compute the band-structure for MoS2 sandwiched 
between two layers of BN : BN-MoS2-BN  I am trying to compute the band structure using the k-sampling. 
attached you find my input/output files.

Bands is the file produced with CP2K

bands.set-1.csv is the file produced by the python script 
attached to the graphene example (see url above)

My problem is that I obtain weird behavior of the bands. 
Specifically, look at the K point the grey and dark green bands. 
They have a very strange behavior (sharp angle)

Can anyone help me understand what I am doing wrong?

Thankyou a lot in advance!

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