[CP2K-user] List of supported GPUs?

Ryan Kingsbury RKing... at lbl.gov
Sun Mar 15 17:02:52 UTC 2020

Hello everyone, I'm new to CP2K and am trying to compile the code with CUDA 
support. In the toolchain script, I noticed the --gpu-ver argument help 

--gpu-ver                 Selects the GPU architecture for which to compile. 
                          options are: K20X, K40, K80, P100, V100, no. 
Default: no.
                          The script will determine the correct 
corresponding value for
                          nvcc's '-arch' flag.

However, I thought that any CUDA-enabled GPU 
<https://developer.nvidia.com/cuda-gpus> would be supported as long as it 
supports a sufficiently high compute API version. Can someone please 
clarify this for me, or point me to a list of supported GPU's in the docs? 
(Apologies if that exists somewhere; I have searched and not been able to 
find it.)

I am specifically interested in running cp2k on a GTX 960 and/or RTX 2060 
and want to confirm that this in possible.

Thank you!
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